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posted on June 25, 2014 at 3:42 am

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SuperMoms Essentials GiveawayEnjoy this new SuperMom Essentials Giveaway (valued at $299) from Whole Mom and Mommy Bag Marketing. Enter to have the chance to win this $299 value and other big prizes.

Here are some of the FREE big prizes you can get from this sweepstakes: Super Value Box, Pumpkin head Books, Herbal Footcare Kit, Leggings, Window Cloth, and many others. Visit their site for the complete list of big prizes included in this giveaway promo.

Hurry up!  This sweepstakes offer is good until August 24, 2014 only.  Make sure you have joined it before the deadline.

SuperMom Essentials Giveaway

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