Free Perfume Samples

  • Free Mini Samples of Lacoste Perfume (Eau de Lacoste Fragrance)

    Mini perfumes are cute and eye-catching and are especially attractive to women.   Get free Eau de Lacoste Fragrance in lovely mini bottle.  The sweeter-smelling scent is simply irresistible. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The mini bottle is rather simple and sophisticated in design. It’s a white, clean ombre bottle showing… Read More»

  • Feel The Fragrance of Free Tropical Breeze Perfume

    It’s a great free womanly fragrance! Tropical Breeze is here to give you freebies of Tropical Breeze Perfume—a unique combination of petigrain, grapefruit and bergamont.  The scent is sensually and tropically breeze for fashionable ladies like you.  Girls 14 years old and up can also request for this freebie.  Available… Read More»

  • Have Yourself a Merry Escada Perfume!

     Christmas is just around the corner so what does Escada have for this season?  Escada’s giving away fragrances as free samples.  And you’ll get their Especially Escada Elixir Perfume.  They do it frequently but most especially at Christmas.  Have received other giveaways before?  Then get another one for the Holidays… Read More»

  • Get free fall samples from Zip Submit!

    Zip Submit gives you plenty of free samples an offers! They also include varying CPA network offers on a wide range of products!f Receive free fall samples from them! 1 Click here to go to the site. 2 Browse through their free fall samples. 3 Then follow the instructions to… Read More»

  • Get a hidden jewel in every scent item from JewelScent!

    JewelScent produces soy wax candles, oil soaps, and aromatheraphy beads! Each of their products comes bundled with a hidden jewelry!  Receive a hidden jewel per item purchased from them! 1 Click here to go to the site. 2 Enter your personal details as requested. 3 Then follow the instructions to… Read More»