Free Sample Power Crunch Protein Bar

posted on March 31, 2016 at 12:44 am

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Power crunch protein bar

Get a Free Sample of Power Crunch Protein Bars. Fill in your information and get your delicious Free Sample to start the New Year off right!

From their site: The Power Crunch family of smart products includes incredibly tasty wafer cookies, decadent chocolate bars, delicious protein drinks and the best protein powder on the market. Each of our flavorful products contain the brilliant science of Proto Whey hydrolyzed whey protein. A smart protein that is absorbed better by your cells, hydrolyzed whey protein is a more effective and more efficient way to keep your body active and healthy. And, when mixed with the best ingredients to be tasty AND healthy, well that’s a family you want to be a part of. Try any of our delicious products and you’ll agree, we help you treat your body smart.

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