23 Ways to Get Free Baby Samples

posted on January 27, 2014 at 11:27 pm

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23 Ways to Get Free Baby Samples

If you are a new mom or new dad or already a pro at having babies and you’re on your fifth kid or so, then this article is a great resource for you to find ways to ease the strain on your pocket or purse.  We will give you the places you can go online to get free samples, baby stuff, giveaways, coupons, or anything baby to help you on your baby journey.  We hope you enjoy the freebies.

1. Get free samples from Every Family

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Sign-up for Everyday Family’s newsletter and receive baby stuff, coupons, expert articles and videos plus much more. Some of the offers you will get are: coupons from Gerber; Huggies coupons for diapers; free formula, coupons and diaper bag from Enfamil; free child identification kit and the latest parenting tips and much more. This offer is good for new or expecting families. U.S. only.

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2. Get a free digital issue online of Kiwi Magazine


Get a free digital issue online of Kiwi Magazine.  Kiwi Magazine offers articles on organic and green healthy choices for you and your baby. They focuse on health, food, home life, the environment, and green living for a better life.  Expand your horizons and get your free issue today.

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3. Get a free trial of The Honest Company’s diapers



A Free Trial contains samples of The Honest Company’s products and allows you to try them before purchasing a full Bundle. Your trial can contain a travel size Honest shampoo & body wash, Honest lotion, Honest healing balm, Honest laundry detergent, and Honest hand soap or a handful of Honest diapers & wipes or a one-day serving of Honest health & wellness supplements. Trials are free, but there is a shipping and handling fee of $5.95.

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4. Receive a free feeding guide from Beech-Nut®

free-feeding-guide-beech-nut   Receive a free feeding guide from Beech-Nut®(one per family), just go to the contact us page and where it says request free feeding guide, check there to get.  Beech-Nut® is a family owned company dedicated to making infant and toddler food for over 75 years.  Beech-Nut® has been trusted and used by many families around the world.

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5. Get free coupons from Diapers.com

Diapers.com coupons get 20% off newborn diapers size 1 and 2 for 3 months, use code WOW3MONTHS.  Save $10 off your first case of diapers, enter promo code HEYMAMA.  save 15% off thousands of items use promo code thousands.  diapers.com is a website that allows you to purchase diapers, formula, strollers, car seats, etc. by top brands such as: Pampers, Huggies, Seventh Generation, Similac, Enfamil, Earth’s Best, Britax, Graco, Carter’s, Bravado and etc.

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6. Get free coupons from BabiesRUS

free-coupons-babiesrus   Every new mom has probably visited BabiesRUS or heard of it.  BabiesRUs offers strollers, car seats, cribs, furniture, bedding, diapers, baby clothing, toys and more.  BabiesRUs also has weekly ads with deals for families and you can sign-up for their newsletter for special promos and offers.  Visit the site for new coupon updates from BabiesRUs. 

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7. Get 20% off at Baby Depot in-store purchases.


Sign up for Baby Depot’s newsletter and receive 20% off any Single Item In-store Printable Baby Depot Coupon.  Baby Depot has everything your baby needs, inside Burlington Coat Factory, this store is the king of low prices to help new parents save the most. 

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8. Get $10 off at BabyAge.com


BabyAge.com offers strollers, car seats, cribs, furniture, bedding, pillows, baby clothing and more.  BabyAge.com also has free shipping on orders of $50 of more.  Get $10 off on your next order when you sign-up for their newsletter plus get special promos and offers.

Visit the site for more free information

9. Get free stuff from BabyCenter


Get free birth annoucements that you customize from babycenter.  Send your birth annoucements to your friends and family free.  Babycenter offers information on Due Date Calculator, Ovulation Calculator, Development Calendar, Baby Names, Birth Plans, Pregnancy Weight Tracker, Baby Costs Calculator and more.  Visit the site that millions of moms have already visited.

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10. Get a free coupon from BabyLegs


Get 20% off from BabyLegs.com when you register with them.  All of their products have a $5.99 Flat Shipping rate.  After you sign-up you will receive access to promotions, specials, and latest new arrivals. The 20% offer is valid for new email subscribers on first purchase only.  BabyLegs have great legwarmers, tights and socks for your baby so check them out.

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 11. Get free coupons from toys.com


 Get free coupons and deals on all baby toys from Toys.com.  Toys.com have the hottest toys and exclusive deals for people looking to save money.  Get great savings on many items with their daily deals, coupons & exclusive deal of the day.

Visit the site for more free information

12. Get free samples from Enfamil


Get free samples from Enfamil Family Beginnings®.  Sign-up on their website for up to $250 in free gifts US residents only for Enfamil Family Beginnings®.  You will get valuable offers, samples, great articles on expert advice, and special promos.  Monthly emails with expert advice and nutrition information for you and your baby for every stage of development.

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13. Get free samples from Huggies


Register today with Huggies to get free samples, access to expert advice and a free welcome baby guide. You’ll also receive exclusive deals and special offers and earn reward points when you join the new moms club. Huggies is one of the top brands that parents trust to use.

Visit the site for more free information

14. Get free samples and coupons of Similac



Join Similac StrongMoms to get free samples, coupons and guides to pregnancy and baby development.  You will also receive nutrition guidance and feeding help for every week of your pregnancy all the way through your baby’s first year. Plus, enjoy up to $329 in benefits to help you save money.  Join Similac strong moms today.

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15. Get one free cloth diaper from ShopDiaperfree-cloth-diaper-shopdiapers


Get one free cloth diaper from ShopDiaper just pay for shipping only. Shopdiaper.com is located in Harbin, China and they sell cloth diapers because they are good for the environment.  Many reasons for cloth diapers are: disposable diapers bring a huge pollution problem to the environment, dioxin, a by-product of the paper-bleaching process, may exist in disposable diapers and also diaper rash is a common problem with disposable diapers.  Choose cloth and help save the environment and help keep your child clean.

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16. Get a free nursing cover



Get a Free Nursing Cover from UdderCovers just pay shipping and handling.  There are many women breast-feeding their newborn babies today than ever before and this cover helps you from the everyday tasks that goes with it.  Now there are nursing covers that are very stylish and sleek to wear with your outfits while you breast feed.  Use promo code: ENBABY

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17. Get Free Disney stickers


Get free Disney stickers, just go to the website and fill out the form to get free by mail.  Cute decoration for your baby’s diapers, bottle, baby bag or anywhere your heart desire it to go.  When your baby grow up seeing those Disney’s characters, he or she will love them.

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18. Get a free personalized Elmo song



JustMeMusic is a website that offers personalized music for your child through your favorite characters.  To get a free personalized Elmo song download for Your baby enter the code: myelmo or to get a free personalized VeggieTales song for Your baby enter the code: veggie.  You can also order a full cd that is personalized and get 20% off with code: REDEEM20.

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19. Get a free Sesame Street Fire Safety Station Coloring book


The Sesame Street Fire Safety Station Color and Learn coloring book is available from the US Fire Administration and FEMA.  Just go to the website and sign-up, you will have to register with your information and you will receive the safety guide coloring book.

Visit the site for more free information

20. Get a free breast milk storage bag from Honeysuckle


Get a free breast milk storage bag from Honeysuckle. Many new moms that are breast-feeding now have more options for storing their milk. Honeysuckle is one brand that offers storage bags for moms nursing. Try the bags out and use them for your milk storage.

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21. Get a free vacation guide DVD from Disney


Free vacation planning DVD from Disney. if you are going or planning a trip to Disney and want to know more about it, then you should watch the free DVD.  The DVD has a complete tour of all the Theme Parks, Water Parks and over 20 Resort hotels at the Walt Disney World® Resort in florida.  Enjoy the DVD then go and enjoy your trip at Disney.

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22. Get Orangey the Goldfish eBook for Free



Orangey the Goldfish (Book 1) by Eddie Bee is a fun children’s picture book about a growing relationship between an adventurous boy Billy and his new pet goldfish named Orangey. As Billy learns how to feed the fish, and take care of him then he learns that Orangey can talk. This eBook is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children.

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23. Get a free eBook of Lessons from the Lion, the Ox and their little friends


Lessons from the Lion, the Ox and their little friends (illustrated) (Four fables from Aesop) by Aesop and Ripple.  This eBook has great illustrations and has stories about: The Lion and the Mouse, The Four Oxen and the Lion, The Ant and the Grasshopper and The Frog and the Ox. This eBook has short stories that are fun and easy to read and if you have a small baby, good to read aloud to your little one. 

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