17 Money Saving Tips That’ll Save You Cash Every Day

posted on June 2, 2014 at 11:09 pm

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1. One way to save on your electricity


Keep your home ac on low or a set temperature that is somewhat cool to save on your electricity.

2. Another way to save on electricity

Turn your lights, TV or any electronic off when not in use. Unplug cell phone cords, etc. that are not in use.

3. Save on gas



Only drive your car to your destination and back; dont joy ride or sight-see until your finances are where you want them to be.

4. Save on gas


In your home instead of cooking meals on the stove, use the microwave, it’s faster and cheaper.

5. Save on gas


If you have a hot water heater that runs off of gas, keep it in between on the gage, not too hot.

6. Save on food purchases


Clip coupons from newspapers, (old school) or online from the numerous sites that offer coupons from retailers.

7. Save on your water bill


Wait for the rain instead of watering your grass, if the area you live in isn’t in a drought and normally gets rain.

8. Save your water

Take your shower or bath with less water. For example, if you normally take a bath in the tub with the water filled to the top, this time fill it only half way. Less water than you previously use will make a big difference on your bill over time.

9. Save on movies


For a few months or longer, depending on how much money you want to save, go to the library and rent your movies for .75 cents a week or depending on what your local library fees are. They also have free ones that are educational that you can check-out.

10. Save on movies


Rent from redbox where it’s only one dollar a day.

11. Cut your phone costs

Get rid of your land-line and just use your cell.

12. Save at restaurants


One way is to use coupons. Many restaurants offer discounts on certain days or times. They also have specials when you sign-up for their newsletters on their websites.

13. Save at bars


Go to bars or clubs at happy hour or when they offer specials for drinks. Keep your wallet happy.

14. Save on books


Go to the library and check-out books for free.

15. Save on eBooks


Go online to Amazon and search for free eBooks in the genre you seek.

16. Save on eBooks


Go online to Barnes and Noble and search for free eBooks in the genre you seek.

17. Save on clothes


Many retailers offers discounts with coupons. Check the newspapers, or online for coupon codes.

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