15 Free Things to Do With Kids That They’ll Love

posted on June 19, 2014 at 6:14 pm

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1. Have a picnic

Mother Father Son and Daughter (8-11) Having a Picnic and Chatting
Picnics are a great way to spend time with a loved one.  Spread your blanket on the grass in the area that you choose with your basket of goodies and enjoy.  Smelling the fresh air outside and watching nature is also relaxing.  (Supplies) food, drinks, blanket, bug spray, sunscreen, and a portable ipod to play some soothing tunes if wanted.

2. Play hide and seek

Family playing hide and seek
Hide and seek is a classic game that has been played by many generations.  Kids enjoy it and think it’s fun.  They always think they are hiding but many parents always know where they are.  Play in your yard or house and have some good times and fun.

3. Bake Cookies

Find a recipe and make it from scratch or purchase a log of dough from your local super market.  Teach your child how to measure and mix, they will remember for when they get older.
Supplies: cookie dough (home made or store bought), oven, cookie cutters, icing, etc

4. Coloring Books

Coloring is fun and the books are free online or are very cheap in-store for a $1 or try online where you have to print-out on your computer.  Coloring is fun for kids of all ages and some grown-ups enjoy it as well.
Supplies: books, crayons, markers, colored pencils.

5. Visit the Library

The library is a great place to learn new things.  Let your kids pick out the books they want to read to checkout and get as many as they want.  Reading is fun and enjoyable and lets you explore and learn.  This is a great place to go.  Try to at least go once a month if you’re able.

6. Camp at Home

Pitch a tent in your living room or yard and allow the kids to enjoy the fun of camping without the hassle of a vacation.  (Supplies) a tent, sleeping bags, blankets/pillows, flashlight, and bug spray.

7. Scrapbook

Teach your child how to scrapbook.  This is a fun way to enjoy the memories.  Just get some old photographs, craft paper, glue, sparkles, etc and have fun.

8. Make S’mores

Everyone loves to enjoy this treat, what makes it even better is its easy to make.  Show your kids the simple steps and they will fall in love with it and want to do it all the time.  (Supplies) gram crackers, chocolate bars (like Hershey’s), marshmallows.

9. Finger Painting

Happy child with painted hands
Show your kids how to finger-paint.  Do it outdoors or in a room that has plastic coverings to protect areas paint may get on.  Get your paint and paper and let them have fun.

10. Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunt-
This is a fun way to help your kids learn to explore.  You can make your own map and teach them how to read the map and follow the directions to the treasure.  You can use money, toys or anything your mind comes up with and have fun.

11. Board Games

Board games are a fun way to have fun with the family.  Pull out your favorite game and enjoy.

12. Garden

Allow your kids to plant seeds or plants and maintain it throughout the summer, or just show them how you garden.  Nature is always fun to explore and look at.

13. Photography

Your kids will love taking pictures, show them how to use if they don’t know how and start the fun.  Cameras are easily accessible now-a-days.  You can use your phone’s camera, ipad, disposable one, professional one and just capture the moments to remember forever.

14. Catch Bugs

Bug hunting is fun for kids.  Grown-ups remember when they used to catch the caterpillar and watch it turn.  (Supplies) jar with a tight sealing lid that has holes poked in it and whatever bugs you choose.

15. Create a Play or Musical

Have your kids come up with an original play or musical and have fun.  Bring your imagination, props or costumes from household items.

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